Oroville Cares PAX Good Behavior Program

PAX Good Behavior Program
Oroville CARES Coalition is very excited to bring the PAX Good Behavior Game to Oroville Elementary! This program, with its exciting success rate, is being piloted in First, second and Sixth grades, and training for additional grades will
begin in October.

Paxis provides ‘The Nuturing Enviornments” model of helping reinforce pro-social behaviors, reduce toxic influences, helps limit problematic
behaviors and increases psychological flexibility.

PAXIS Institute identifies and connects the best science and wisdom to maximize the peace, productivity, health and happiness of individuals, families, organizations, and communities everywhere. PAXIS Institute seeks to identify tools and strategies that have both rapid and long-term benefits for all our futures, not just the few or one group over another.

PAXIS Institute searches for ways to improve all our futures, since our individual futures during our lives hinge the actions of people near and far, many of who we will never now.
PAX Institute encourages and supports people of every age, of every walk of life to become an “everyday scientist” of their world—not just a passenger of life. By becoming an “everyday scientist”, then we can each become a conscious creator of the futures we seek for ourselves and the people we love.